My First Mention!

Good Afternoon Gourmetour readers!!!!

I have some very excited news to share with you. Today (after reviewing my very pathetic website stats) I noticed one of my viewers came from Justin’s Nut Butters! I was curious to see how they could have been linked from their website to mine… so I went snooping.

I dabbled around a bit (Kate and Katie), and finally saw it… THE GOURMETOUR IS LISTED ON THEIR WEBSITE! Yay!

Yes, they spelt it wrong.
Don’t you fret, I didn’t (if you don’t count emailing them about the error as fretting)… I am just so excited that it’s ON there. They clearly liked what I had to say AND it will give The Gourmetour a chance to generate more traffic!

***Update: Justin’s officially fixed The Gourmetour on their site! That was very speedy of them! I also got two emails from two different people being very kind. I am so impressed.

If you’re a blogger, when was the first time your blog got some recognition of any degree?

My First Mention!

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