Native Foods Cafe, Chicago

Happy Friday!

I am so excited for the weekend, and I hope that you all have some fun plans ahead of you. Today I registered for the Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half marathon that will take place in July! Premature, yes. But,  you can’t beat the half price offer that’s going on today! Check it out.
On to food.
If Native Foods Cafe sounds familiar to you. It probably is. This little gem is a vegan restaurant, originated in L.A., that has expanded throughout the country. Luckily for this vegan they have planted their roots in THREE locations in Chicago! Score.

I had heard of this place a few times before, but let it escape my mind until Katie suggested we try it out. I obviously jumped at her offer, not to say I normally don’t. I was just SO excited to try another vegan restaurant. I must say I have been so impressed with the vegan options here in Chicago. I had always thought that Seattle, or some crunchy granola-y town like Burlington, VT would be the place to live for me to enjoy my veganism, but Chicago is giving those hippies a run for their money!

If you’re in Chicago this location is so easy to get to if you live around the red or brown line trains on the North Side. Just get off at belmont and walk two short blocks west. Native Foods is on the left hand side on Belmont. So easy!

When we first arrived we were a bit surprised to find that the cafe is not a sit down and order kind of place! It’s just like a Noodles and Co. where you order and pay for your meal at the same time, at the front counter. They give you a number and bring you your food, along with everything you need, when your order is ready. There are free refills on all fountain beverages (read designer lemonades and iced teas! yum!). Where the distinction exists between Noodles and Native Foods is that the wait staff is so attentive and friendly. Not to say that they aren’t at Noodles, but at Native they come and check on you and offer to refill your beverage! How great is that for not paying for wait service!? They give out free samples if you suggest that you are interested but seek their opinion on an item, this should count as two points in my book.

Now onto the good stuff.. the menu! They offer exactly what you would expect from a vegan restaurant that is structured like an easy lunch place.
I ordered a beer. Katie ordered the Lavendar Lemonade.It was so delicious. I could have finished it in one gulp. The lemonade had great flavors and was perfectly refreshing.

I ordered the delicious OC Raw Chopper salad with a special combo that includes a small cup of soup. The salad had a little bit of everything on it and was the best salad I think I’ve ever had. The dressing was a ginger dressing that sort of reminds me of Gingerly by Annies, which happens to be one of my favorites!

 I chose soup of the day, which was a delicious spicey soup that most closely resembled Mexican tortilla soup. They served it with a cabbage slaw on top to act as the crunch factor. Great idea and even better taste!

Katie ordered the Super Italian Meatball Sub with a side of the potato salad which isn’t on the website but was absolutely divine. We both were raving about it.

I signed up for the Native Foods Cafe loyalty card and am excited to reep the benefits. The day you sign up you receive a free beverage, and I have already received an email saying that I will get something free at my next visit.
I think this is going to be a very good thing for me.
Have you ever been to a Native Foods Cafe?
Are there any vegan restaurants where you live?
Native Foods Cafe, Chicago

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