New Years Eve-Resolutions

Today was a productive day, minus my not-so-perfect peanut butter brownies.. I found a Le Creuset oval 9-quart dutch oven at TJMaxx!! The store had been getting a lot of Le Creuset kitchenware lately but no true cookware, so I am sure you can imagine my excitement when I looked down and saw the bright orange Le Creuset box containing a beautiful large dutch oven for 50% off!

I’ve really needed one lately, and now that I am settled into my new apartment (at least for another year and a half) I figured it was finally time to commit to one that is of quality that can stand up to my not so gentile ways. I wasn’t ready to spend a lot of money but when I found this one at such a steep discount I figured the investment was worth the reduced price!

Le Creuset Classic Oval Dutch Oven, 9 1/2-Qt., Dijon

This is it! Only the color yellow is called Dijon on the web, but it looks much less yellow in person- I like warmer hues of creams, whites and taupes, so the yellow fits into the pallet I promise. The yellow is pretty and surprisingly neutral so it will work with whatever colors I want to incorporate later on.
Now, with my new dutch oven as a symbol to start the year off right, I am organizing my New Years Resolutions. 
What are your resolutions? 
Do you have any new symbols in your life that will influence your resolutions?
New Years Eve-Resolutions

One thought on “New Years Eve-Resolutions

  1. Katherine says:

    I can only imagine your excitement! Ha!! On a different note, are you bringing this to our chicago kitchen?!? I think it could really brighten things up…hint hint

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