Newest Projects for The Gourmetour

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Per request/suggestion, today’s post is about what I am up to over at The Gourmetour. Now that my business is in full swing, the synergy of opportunities is definitely picking up. Currently, I have about 4-5 days/week of personal cheffing clients, and when I am not cooking privately I am volunteering and brainstorming my next big move.

First off, have you all seen my newsletter sign up form floating around facebook, twitter, and my website? I sent out my first ever newsletter on Sunday and have big plans for creating bi-monthly emails in addition to monthly newsletters. If you did not receive the last newsletter make sure you sign up for them, and I will forward you February’s. There are three options to sign up: You can text THEGOURMETOUR to 22828 and it will prompt you through sign-up, you can fill out the form on either The Quaint Kitchen or The Gourmetour website, or you can scan the QR code below to your phone. Please please please sign up! You wont be disappointed, I promise!

Anyway, back to it. As many of you know, my main goal in pursuing health and culinary arts was not to become a personal chef. But, to become a touchstone for health and nutritional education which will, in turn, contribute to the eradication of our current health epidemic. In other words, my passion is education.

In order to stay on track with my goals of becoming an educator, personal cheffing pays the bills. Not to sound like I don’t love personal cheffing, but I need to keep my priorities in check. This brings me to the topic of volunteering.

Currently, I volunteer 2 days per week at a public school in Queens teaching 8-11 year olds healthy cooking classes. I absolutely LOVE working with children, despite how challenging they can be. I also see the importance of directly reaching children and youth in concern to nutritional education. For the first time in history, the children of today have shorter life expectancies than their parents…. Um, what? Something has GOT to change, and I hate to say it but the parents are doing something drastically wrong. That’s where my peers and I come in: we teach the kids directly and encourage them to make their own decisions around food. All we can hope for is that the children will request healthier food than what they are being offered at home.

Additionally, I have been offered the opportunity to host a Nutritional Education Day at a school in the South Bronx. Parents and their children will attend my cooking demonstration in the morning. Then, children will be dismissed and I will have the parent’s undivided attention where I will lecture the parents about various topics surrounding smarter grocery shopping. I’ve been working away on ideas and materials to use, and if all goes well I will be able to set a template for future school opportunities.

Future opportunities? Yes, I have my eye set on some. As I previously mentioned, the opportunities have continued to flow since I’ve put my goals out there into the universe. I don’t want to say too much yet, but I was notified of an opportunity that I am being considered for with a top firm here in NYC. This company has a new volunteering initiative that they need leaders for. My role would be to take a number of this firm’s employees to schools with me, and essentially host a workshop similar to the one in South Bronx but with a further reach! My mind is racing with the possibilities and the potential of creating this program!

It’s truly an amazing feeling to have your dreams come to fruition. The hard work continues to pay off, despite the fact that I am far from the big goals I have in life. But, each little victory is a huge step forward towards those goals.

And to you, my readers, thank you for your loyalty and support through all of this! It’s your encouragement that keeps me on track through the hard times.


Newest Projects for The Gourmetour

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