Oh oui oui j’aime Paris

Happy Wednesday Gourmies,
It’s been a crazy week as I embark on my final year of college. It’s hard to believe this is my fourth and final start to a new academic year. It’s definitely bittersweet. But, that’s not why you’re here is it? I didn’t think so. 
Can you guess what today’s post is? I’m sure the title didn’t give it away or anything. Okay, okay you’re right: PARIS. 
I had never been to Paris before this trip, but I can tell you I will most certainly be visiting again. (Everyone is right by the way, it’s so romantic!)
Back to business. Today’s recap is literally just our first afternoon in Paris, and I think these pictures explain the start to our gluttonous Parisian adventure quite perfectly. We ate cheese as if we were drinking water or breathing air. The breads and pastries were so fresh and perfectly crafted that it made it almost impossible to display any sort of self control. Paris is responsible for the entirety of our weight gain while abroad. We don’t need to talk numbers here or anything, but I’m sure you can guess. My rebuttal? It was SO worth it. Every last bite. 

More Paris to come in my next post!


Have you ever been to Paris? France?
What country is your favorite culinary destination?

Oh oui oui j’aime Paris

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