Old Town Pour House

Happy Friday Gourmies!!

I can’t believe the week has finally come to a close because with it my internship at Food Network Magazine has too! I can’t believe my 9 months with the magazine is over. I’m so sad to leave my team, they are a group of amazingly talented people. I have learned so much from them and through my experience there, I am truly walking away having had an invaluable experience.

That all being said, I thought it was only appropriate for today’s post to incorporate weekend fun with foodie finds! So here it is, Old Town Pour House. I originally heard of this place through my coworker at the magazine (no surprises there!). This place gets its name for its quite literal implecation…they have 90 (yes, 9-0, ninety) beers on tap alone. The food is yummy, classic American bar food with a gourmet twist (my favorite kind!). The atmosphere is BIG. Vaulted ceilings, loft lounge space, huge televisions (the picture does it no justice). Unfortunately, the prices are too. Ethan and I had a total of 3 beers, 2 salads, and three appetizers, and we paid over $100 with tip. Now, I understand three appetizers are a lot, but it’s not like we ordered steak or fish -we’re vegetarians! Not to mention all of the items I held off of my salad due to my veganism. Anyway, I enjoyed the place so don’t get me wrong, just be prepared to spend a little bit more for appetizers and beers than you would at a normal pub. And lets be real, it’s not a normal pub so that’s fair enough.

Pictured below are our appetizers: Pretzels, Fried Cheese Curds, and Fried Pickles. Not you’re lightest fair but it’s not a health restaurant so I just had to get over it. Not to mention, well actually have I ever told you that, I love fried pickles? I love pickles in general, but I love the fried variety. Rant over, moving on..


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What are your weekend plans?

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Old Town Pour House

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