Our Honeymoon in Fiji

Our honeymoon was nothing short of amazing. We celebrated our marriage in the beautiful islands of Fiji, at the resort Koro Sun. Yes, the trip is very far from New England. Yes, Fiji is near New Zealand. Yes, we were already exhausted from the wedding. Yes, it was worth every minute of travel.

We ended up reaching out to a travel agent to help us organize our trip. Neither of us had visited that part of the world before, and we just felt that hiring an professional will give us peace of mind for our honeymoon plans. She helped organize our entire trip and recommend that we stay in an Edgewater Bure at Koro Sun Resort. This style accommodation is, or was, the next best affordable option to those amazing “over the water bungalows” that you see floating (no pun intended) around on Pinterest and in travel magazines. Unfortunately, those beautiful rooms are very expensive, and we just don’t have that kind of money to spend on a vacation. Our travel agent totally understood, and introduced us to the Edgewater Bure which sits out on a peninsula in the water, rather than stilts over the water. We got all the same effects at a quarter of the cost!

So, we arrived in Savu, Fiji and needed to take a “puddle jumper” flight to Savusavu. We certainly felt like we had arrived in a tropical location when we boarded that flight and saw the beauty we were flying over.


We were greeted by a man representing our resort and arrived to a welcome song and a cold water and coconut foot scrub. I needed it after the day-long trip to get there, that’s for sure! After we got checked in and enjoyed some breakfast we were escorted to our Bure. DSC_0163DSC_0167DSC_0602DSC_0607DSC_0153

Our octopus friend that we found less than a foot from our Bure:DSC_0300


We found some amazing sea life right outside of our bure. We saw a rockfish right in that same spot on our first day, and made “friends” with a clown fish living in an anemone in the canal just a few bures over. We visited the clown fish twice while snorkeling. It was just amazing.

Our view from breakfast:DSC_0240

I mean how beautiful is this place?! We spent the week snorkeling in the ocean right off our deck, Ethan went scuba diving, I went to visit a local school, we visited a village, and my favorite was our trip to the pearl farm.

Our night at the manager’s cocktail hour at the owner’s mountain top home:


Our final dinner in the middle of the lilly pond on site:DSC_0749DSC_0804

The view from the school:     DSC_0460DSC_0475

The children at the school were amazingly friendly and curious. I had the pleasure of visiting all different grades and classrooms. They even sang for me! Big hugs goodbye:DSC_0495

Downtown on the docks of the Copra Shed:           DSC_0252

On our way to a waterfall visit:  DSC_0344  DSC_0543

Fresh picked mango:DSC_0565

A few photos from our trip to the pearl farm. We were able to snorkel and dive between the oysters in the bay, then we were taken on a tour to show processing and implantation. They fly in a handful of highly secretive Japanese men who do all of the implantation via a top-secret method. It’s a very interesting world!DSC_0845DSC_0861 DSC_0848 DSC_0867 DSC_0879DSC_0883

The teeny tiny Savusavu airport, the shot taken as our plane made it’s way to the runway for takeoff on our way back home. DSC_0894

I have about a million more photos to share, but these few sum up our trip well. If you want to see more photos just comment below and I will post a few recaps to share more!

Have you ever been to Fiji? Where did you stay?

Where was your favorite tropical vacation? Any unusual experiences or stories?


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