Happy Monday Gourmies!

I think I’ve talked about my inability to cook pancakes on here before, but it’s true and likely not going to change any time soon. So every time Ethan is around, he and is amazing pancake skills, continue to put me to shame. He makes the best pancakes ever. But honestly, as long as I am eating them.. I don’t mind one bit. I’ll leave it to him. Plus, a girl needs a man to make her pancakes every once in a while. Now that I think of it, even if I do someday become good at making ’em I should probably keep it to myself, huh? Especially when Ethan makes me a spread like this..

I honestly can’t get over how cute this was. He wouldn’t let me come near the kitchen, and as I approached after I crawled out of bed he shooed me off with a cup of coffee he had poured as he heard me coming. How cute. He heated syrup in my cute tall glasses, cut and placed bananas symmetrically on the plate, fanned out strawberries, and even salvaged that ranunculus bud from my dying bouquet and put it in a stemless champagne glass. Um, babe. You’re unreal. And I love you very very much. So cute. Thank you!



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