Peanut Butter & Jenny Presents: A Nutty Love-y

(Psst. Hi Gourmies- Jenny is going to share a little poetic insight with us today. Not only do Jenny and I share the same name… we share the same love. Curious? Read on.)

Some call it an addiction…

…I call it love.
I have had a love/love relationship with peanut butter ever since my days as a tot. I fondly remember bringing a PB&J sandwich to school everyday in my quintessential LLBean lunchbox with my initials embroidered on the front, of course. Those days, it was Jif – today, though my palate has matured, my undying some for the PB has not. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, Dark Chocolate, Maple, Honey, Butter Toffee (to name a few) have grown to be the object of my affection. 
But why peanut butter? What is it about this nutty snack that makes me swoon at the mere thought of it? 
A few things…
1. It’s taste. PB is the great unifier, as it appeals to sweet and salty loves alike. Use it on oats, crackers, desserts, hell – even spaghetti. Whatever it’s canvas, Peanut Butter never fails to shine through in all of it’s nutty splendor.
2. It’s nutritional stats. Protein/Fiber/Healthy Fats/Omega 3s… enough said.
Peanut Butter is the “Edward Cullen” of foods.. sheer perfection.
Not a day goes by when I don’t consume at least 2 Tbsps of my nutty better half. As a result, I feel stronger, more energized, and healthier than I ever have in my life. It tastes fabulous AND makes me strong? It’s as though I have my own chef and personal trainer compact in a little jar. I love!
Though I must be honest, PB & I have not always had such a beautiful relationship. As we all know, there was a period in my life when I went through some issues and struggles and put PB on the back burner. But as a loyal and faithful companion, PB has remained by my side; waiting for me to come to my senses and realize how utterly amazing it is. Now that I have, I am never going back to life without.. PB&Jenny forever. 
Some of my favorite brands include:
·                  Peanut Butter and Co.
·                  Naturally Nutty
·                  Naturally More
·                  Teddie’s
·                  Nuttzo
·                  Justin’ Nut Butter
·                  Crazy Richard’s
If you’re interested you can check out some of these sites for more information on mi amor…
·                  Health Benefits of Peanut Butter
·                  5 Foods that you Should Place in your Diet (FYI: PB is #1)
·                  Peanut Butter
So now it’s your turn to tell me… What do you like about Peanut Butter? What’s your favorite way to eat it? Favorite brand? Favorite Flavor? Dish!
Peanut Butter & Jenny Presents: A Nutty Love-y

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