Piccolo Sogno


Piccolo Sogno

Last night was one of the best meals out I’ve had in a long time. Kate, Avery, and I treated Katie to a birthday dinner on the patio of Piccolo Sogno. Let me just tell you, this is my new favorite restaurant; and I never pick favorites.


This hot-spot is well known around Chicago for having the best out-door patio seating in the city. I must say, they lived up to their reputation. The patio made of wood and raised off the ground. The entire patio is practically covered with extra large umbrellas. You literally feel like your in The Secret Garden with all of the plants and shrubbery lining the tall perimeter walls.

Side note: Sorry for the low-quality pictures, the lighting was awful and I was self-conscious about having a flash (and flash pictures are never as good anyways).

The restaurant was busy on a Wednesday night, so be sure to make a reservation. The patio is first come first serve, but if you do make a reservation your name will get first priority once you arrive.
Our service was phenomenal. We loved our waiter because of how attentive and funny he was. He made us burst out in laughter a couple of different times. At one point we had two servers at our table filling up our waters. It is the kind of restaurant that folds your napkin while you are in the restroom. Yeah, it’s that good.
The menu is fantastic; diverse and all encompassing. A true authentic Italian menu. One thing that is appealing, especially to women, is that all of the pasta dishes are offered in an appetizer portion. Um, yes please!
The prices are a little more expensive, so make sure to check out the menu and prices before you commit to going.

Kate and Katie split the Caprese Primavera: Oven dried tomatoes, basil, imported buffalo mozzarella from Campania. Both said that they were a little unsure of the dried tomatoes because they were afraid it would be too dry and chewy, but were surprised at how delightful it was.


Katie ordered the full portion of the Paglia e Fieno Con Vitello: “Straw and Hay” green and white ribbon noodles, veal ragu. She said it reminded her of Europe because it was light and was more meat-based. She said “the pasta was clearly homemade because it had pleasant imperfections”. Needless to say, she loved her dish.
Kate ordered the special pizza. It has gorgonzola, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions. The crust was light and doughy. Everyone really liked it.
Avery ordered the starter salad Insalata Di Pere: Roasted pears, baby arugula, lemon oil, Capriole Farm goat cheese. Her main dish was the appetizer side of the Gnocchi con Funghi: Potato gnocchi, oven dried tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and garlic. She ate every last bite, and said it was her favorite gnocchi to date.
 I ordered the appetizer portion of the Spaghetti Neri (otherwise known as Frutti Di Mare) and a starter of the special Gaspaccio (Gazpacho). The gazpacho was unreal. It was fully pureed and cooled to the perfect temperature. 

The spaghetti was served with black squid ink spaghetti, mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, San Marzano tomatoes, and red pepper flakes. This dish was delicious, light, and satisfying. The seafood was cooked p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y. I loved this dish and could eat it daily.

We ordered two desserts (Sorry I forgot to take pictures): Egg-less Panna Cotta and Hazelnut Lava Cake. I’m not kidding when I say that these desserts are perfect. They did a fabulous job.
Overall, I can say without hesitation that I highly recommend this restaurant. Whether you are a Chicago native or visiting for the weekend, you really should make an effort to go. 
Piccolo Sogno

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  1. Allison says:

    I lOOOVE reading your restaurant posts. Makes me so hungry! I think the black pasta is so interesting and I would have ordered the same!!

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