Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli with Mushroom Browned Butter Sauce

Happy Wednesday Gourmies!
Today’s post is my Bachelorette (the show, although I did cook dinner for one… myself..) dinner! Very gourmet-esk but easy peasy. Buy your favorite raviolis and everything else takes no time. I had mushrooms ‘on-the-out’ and needed a way to use them in cooking because I was not about to put these babies in my salad raw. So, I decided to cook them in addition to my ravioli’s triangles. I bought a small whole wheat loaf at Whole Foods because it looked delicious.. I really never buy bread like that, (Italian or French loafs that is… not delicious looking loafs ha!) so I figured it was meant to be enjoyed with a nice Italian meal! 
What you need:
Pasta of your liking.. ravioli is usually what I see cooked with a browned butter sauce.
3 Tbs of butter per serving, I used 2 because I had two left in a stick, because I wanted more balsamic flavor, and because.. well I didn’t want 3. 
Equal parts Balsamic Vinaigrette… I used twice as much actually but that’s my preference.
Mushrooms thickly sliced (about halved or into thirds) 
If you want to make a regular ole’ brown butter sauce, omit the mushrooms.
P.S. Sorry for the really poor quality/inconsistent photos, I was trying to use the last remaining daylight but my camera wasn’t having it.

Bring your water for the pasta to a boil. As the water begins to lightly bubble and show signs of being ready, turn on your fry pan or sauce pan (make sure whatever pan you use is deep enough to hold the pasta as well!) to medium-hot.
Once the pan is hot add the butter. Move it around a bit to get it pretty melted and distributed around the pan. Be careful throughout this process, there will be splattering!

Add the mushrooms stirring once, and letting sit for 3 minutes.

The water should be ready by now. Add the pasta and cook for package instruction’s time (around 3-5 minutes for ravioli)
Stir the mushrooms and let sit for another 3 minutes. Turn down heat a slight bit if they look like they are really cooking.

There should be way more butter in the pan if you are just making browned butter sauce, but because I added the mushrooms they absorbed a lot, and well I only used 2 Tbs.
Add the Balsamic and stir. Be careful, more splattering will occur.

It should really start to bubble and brown. This is good, don’t worry about the color!

Once things in the pan start to slow down and thicken up, add the pasta, using a slotted spoon, straight from the pasta water.

Lightly toss or flip the ravioli to coat, and let cook for about a minute.

Portion out to each plate, or transfer from the pan to a serving dish.

Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli with Mushroom Browned Butter Sauce

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  1. vegetarianrhapsody says:

    Looove balsamic vinegar! Especially when its reduced like that.. Thick sweet and slightly tart. This sounds superb!

  2. The Gourmetour says:

    Ha! I couldn't help it I was enjoying the company of me, myself, and I– Might as well have a glass of wine while doing it!

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