Quick, Healthy, & Delicious Dinner Idea

Hey Lovelies!
Today’s post is has actually been added as a draft and then deleted numerous times. The reason being that I was kind of embarrassed about how simple and easy it is to create. Not that I don’t love a quick and delicious dinner, but more that there is not depth to it. I literally took everything but the kitchen sink and threw it in there. 
I finally came around after looking at it a few more times and deciding that all of my meals are healthy, easy, and involve simple ingredients, so why shouldn’t I share one more with you? We all need another excuse to cook one more healthful meal so I figured I’d provide it!
What I used (not what you need):
Summer squash
Yellow onion
Orange bell pepper
Olive Oil
Salt + Pepper
Seasoned Pepper
Italian Spices
What I did:
Heat a large fry pan (a wok would be perfect for this!) over medium-high heat.
Add an eyeballed amount of olive oil (this number will vary for how much you are cooking) and let it heat to the perfect searing temperature
Add your seasoning to the olive oil to allow the oil to really get infused with flavor. After about a minute add your onion and let cook until they have just begun to wilt.
Next add your dense vegetables that need more cooking time. I added the summer squash and asparagus and let cook through the first side. 
I flipped the already cooking vegetables and added the remaining pepper. 
Serve over salad or quinoa and enjoy!
The order in which you cook your vegetables is entirely up to how you like them cooked! I prefer my onions and squash completely cooked, and my asparagus and peppers “al dente”. 

What’s your favorite stir-fried vegetable dish?
How do you like to cook your vegetables?
Quick, Healthy, & Delicious Dinner Idea

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