Quinoa Aztec Salad & Four Bean Salad

So I, uh… picked this one up too. I couldn’t JUST get the vegan tuna salad from True Nature’s the other day. This had black beans in it, what did you expect me to do? Say no? 

Okay so here’s another example of me revamping my leftovers into a new meal! Look how yummy that 4 bean salad looks on top of those greens!

Okay, I’ll admit it. The 4 bean salad stole the show. You can barely see the Aztec quinoa salad placed oh so delicately atop those greens. Sorry. 

Okay so I’m not sorry… just look at all those colors!

And this is an example of me not revamping my left overs…. hey, when the shoe fits right? (just ignore the vegan tuna wrap okay? just ignore it).
Are you currently obsessed with any prepackaged foods? 
What about any small health food stores?
Quinoa Aztec Salad & Four Bean Salad

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