Quinoa Spaghetti with Pesto, Mushrooms, and Asparagus (GF)

Today’s post is of a dinner I made over the holidays. Simple, healthy, gluten free, and best of all, tasty.

Quinoa Spaghetti w/ Pesto, Mushrooms, & Asparagus
What you need:
Quinoa Pasta
1/2-1 cup Baby Bella Mushrooms, sliced
6-12 Asparagus Spears, cut into thirds
1/4 cup Pesto
2 Tbs. Olive Oil (or butter)
Parmesan Cheese

Quinoa Pasta – Purchased at Whole Foods
What To Do:
Boil water. Cook pasta according to package instructions (Quinoa pasta cooks differently so make sure to check it)
Heat pan over medium heat, add olive oil (or butter) after the pan has heated. Note that mushrooms release moisture and can start to pop in the oil.
Add the mushrooms and don’t stir for 2 minutes. After the 2 minutes, stir the mushrooms and saute for another 3 to 4 minutes.
Add the cut asparagus and continue to cook for 4-6 minutes until the veggies have reached your desired  consistency (I tend to prefer my mushrooms fully sauteed with my asparagus still a bit crunchy. Feel free to switch cooking times around to match your preference).

Drain the pasta.
Add the pesto to the pasta and coat thoroughly.
Add cooked veggies to the pasta and give it a good toss.
Plate and add desired amount of parmesan.

Sauteed Mushrooms and Asparagus
End Results


Quinoa Spaghetti with Pesto, Mushrooms, and Asparagus (GF)

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