Rainy Day Lunch

Hi Gourmies!

Happy Monday! I am officially done with undergraduate education forever! It’s honestly bittersweet. I can’t believe it’s come to an end but that’s life and I am certainly ready to move on and start anew. Graduation is on Saturday, so we seniors have the week to take a break, pack, and enjoy our last couple of days together. We have a senior bar crawl this Wednesday, and I know it’s going to be a blast -I’m so excited! I’ll try to capture a few pictures to share with you all! My family also starts arriving as soon as Thursday, and I think I am looking forward to having everyone in the most.

Okay back to todays post. It has been a very rainy and dreary couple of days here in Chicago. Luckily I have nothing to do so I don’t mind the rain. I also absolutely love thunderstorms, so I will gladly sit my bum on the couch with a cup of tea and watch a few shows (ehem, Long Island Medium anyone?), a movie, or read a book.

Side note for a second here, has anyone seen that show? I am newly obsessed with it. I don’t know why but I find her and her very Long Island family endearing? I think she’s just the sweetest thing and I would love to meet her someday. Kate and I were watching a few episodes during last nights marathon and by the end of it all we both agreed that we hope to randomly encounter her one day so that we can get our “spirits read”. I actually do believe it though. I know it’s a reality show of sorts and they are capable of scripting anything, but I just don’t know, I trust her. Weird? Ya, probably. But if it is true, I think she does a lot of good for a lot of people. Okay rant over. Anyway….

Most importantly, this type of weather is also perfect for warm and hearty lunches.

I used the leftover “sausage” that I showed you guys in my last post and put together an interesting mix of a salad. I sauteed some brocs, red peppers, brussels and sausage together in a pan. I hit it with some veggie broth (my all time favorite seasoning and cooking trick), added some S+P, garlic salt, and nutritional yeast, and put it all over a bed of spinach. Yum, yum, and yum. It was very satisfying and will definitely tide me over until dinnertime!


Have you ever watched Long Island Medium? What are your thoughts on it?

Do you enjoy thunderstorms and rainy days?

What’s your favorite lunch to make when you’re in the mood for hearty eats?

Rainy Day Lunch

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