Runny-Eggs Breakfast ‘wich with Berries

I hope you are enjoying your weekends!

Let start with breakfast because I know the real reason you stopped by today was NOT to read my rantings, but to see what’s on the menu for today. So here we go:

Today is day two of the sugar-detox challenge hosted by Laury.
I decided to switch my morning meal up in order to respect the challenge I am taking on.
Hey, if I’m trying this thing I might as well actively change up my meals, rather than passively accepting the challenge, right?!

So, breakfast will be eggs today. Drippy eggs with fresh fruit on the side.

How to:
You know my rantings on how to heat a bagel thin, so don’t expect that to change today.
Sprits your skillet, heat on medium high. I recommend cracking your egg in a small bowl before adding it to your pan. This way you avoid all sorts of mishaps: shell-age, bad eggs, broken yolk.. the list goes on.
Once your pan is hot, quickly; but in a slow and steady manner, pour your egg onto the pan.
It will pop a little and look as though it cooked quickly. Well, it did, but its not ready yet.
My method to get really yummy runny egg goodness is to cook the first side longer than the second.
Leave the first side cooking for 2-3 minutes or until most of the egg white is cooked. Lower the heat during this process if you need to.
Once the egg white is pretty much cooked, it will be easier to flip your egg without breaking the yolk. For drippy eggs the key is to keep the yolk in tact.
Flip the egg, again in a quick but slow and steady manner. Cook for 2 minutes, or less.

Onto the next:
My sister Kendra arrives here from NYC for the holiday weekend in about an hour! My family is situated in very awesome cities: Boston, NYC, and Chicago! I get to enjoy some pretty neat cities.
Kendra’s nickname is K.C., for Kendra Catherine, so don’t be confused if you see the two interchange throughout this post.
All of my roomies are out of town for the weekend so, it is just K.C.,my friend Katie, and myself. Our major plans: nothing. We have planned to not plan. Make sense? Let me explain.
My first two years in Chicago was an exciting time. I was learning new things, acquiring new tastes, meeting new people, seeing new things. All of these great qualities and experiences were so exciting to me that I felt the intense need to expose each and every one of my visiting guests from out of town to this greatness. I thought that Chicago had to be enjoyed in one single weekend by experiencing literally everything there is to experience.
Needless to say, my vistors would leave with empty pockets and full bellies. As much fun as this may or may not be, I finally reached my enjoyment quota for this kind of behavior.
Now, Over a year later I can appreciate the qualities that relaxation has on a visitor, especially when that visitor works or studies full time. I learned that it’s okay to sit in my apartment for an hour or two mid-afternoon. I learned that walking around the lake front is meant to be enjoyed not rushed through to make the next destination before dinner.
Don’t you worry though, the foodie in me will never let my guest go hungry, or leave unexposed to Chicago cuisine. 
I would demote myself from The Gourmetour title if this ever happened.
K.C. and I are still going to be eating out quite a bit…. we just may not leave one restaurant in order to be on time for the next… we may even order in if we are really feeling the comfort of my apartment.
I promise you will have some good restaurant material at the end of this weekend!
Enjoy your holiay!
Runny-Eggs Breakfast ‘wich with Berries

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