Salmon with Aromatic Lemongrass Coconut Broth

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I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I am writing this post at the airport in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I made an impromptu trip down here this weekend to visit my sister while she’s here on business. More on that later this week, and a little update on all my travels this past month!

I recently had the chance to visit some of my best friends back in Chicago, and with that came tons of discussion surrounding my new ventures, and lots of talk about cooking! A few questions came up, and the number one concern I hear from people is that they try to prepare healthful fish-centric meals, but are often intimidated by the process of actually cooking the fish. The funny thing about it is that it couldn’t be any easier! I’ve decided to make an effort to post more fish dishes on here to hopefully help you all get a little more comfortable with cooking fish… so let’s start now!

Inspired by the fresh coconuts of Puerto Rico, this recipe is simple, healthy, and flavorful—all the while seemingly complicated… sure to impress anyone. Also, there are a number of ways to prepare fish and my favorite two are poaching and baking, in this recipe I’ve included how to do both in order to help extend your fish-cooking repertoire.

Salmon in Lemongrass


Salmon with Aromatic Lemongrass Coconut Broth

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