Saturday Night Picture Recap

How is it already Tuesday?!
Hi Readers-
Today is a little photo recap of a lazy Saturday in Chicago. If there’s one thing I know about Chicagoans, it’s that we love to be outside. Chicago has some of the best waterfront park areas; making it hard to resist spending time outdoors. One other thing I know true is that if a Chicago forecast predicts “severe storms” you are almost guaranteed a beautiful, temperate day (ehem, last night). If it is raining, don’t be surprised to see intense runners in the rain people flock to the parks at the first glimmer of sunshine. 
With all this being said, an overcast Saturday evening wasn’t keeping anyone in-doors. In fact, we decided it was a perfect day for a barbeque! 
I whipped up a batch of kale chips (recipe to come) and roasted brussel sprouts, and enjoyed a leftover salad as my dinner. I’m a vegetarian, and I had had a veggie burger for lunch and wasn’t quite feeling another one for dinner. 
For the rest of the gang, we prepared guacamole, corn, and homemade burgers. 
We prepared our food, ate, and sat around talking and laughing for hours. It was great to get together as a group and although the entire group wasn’t there, it was perfect just the way it was! 

What’s your favorite way to spend your weekends?
Do you think of a barbeque with close friends as part of enjoying a “lazy” day?
Do you have a lot of park space where you live?
Do you like to run in the rain?
Saturday Night Picture Recap

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