September is here, and so am I!

Hello All!!

I am SO sorry I have been MIA this summer! I recently checked a blog I used to read all of the time, saw that she hadn’t posted since early May and thought, “Come on, update us please!”… which led to “OMG, I haven’t posted since May either.. and it’s September!”.
Well, I typically use the excuse that I have been super busy with life and transitions, and I’m about to cry the same sob story to you today….

Last time we chatted I was living here..


Doing a lot of this..




and, well, this…



But, now I am living here..

 Picture 6
Doing a lot of this….
Picture 9  Picture 10
And most recently this…
(Note: this is not actually the store I work at..I have no idea what store this is.. I just didn’t have any pictures and I wanted to give you the full effect!)
But what has changed more than anything is this…
Picture 7
That’s right this boy and I have FINALLY landed in the same city..Picture 8
So now what? You must be very confused by the wrench I threw in there, or more accurately the Bridal Gown. Well, I’ve always been a bit obsessed with anything Bridal.. even before the dawn of Pinterest when everyone else not in the world jumped on the bandwagon too. And the main reason we moved up here (no pun intended) was for Ethan and his job, and to be in a city we both would enjoy calling home. So, I put the Gourmetour NYC on the back burner (again no pun intended) and picked up some work at the Bridal Salon while I figured out my next steps with my cheffing and coaching business here in Maine.
But, none of that really explains why I haven’t been blogging. And I know that. But to tell you the truth moving up here to Maine after spending a significant chunk of time in two major US cities, despite having gone to Boarding School in a small quaint New England town, has been an adjustment for me. I have been figuring out who I am as: a business owner, a business owner who wants to change up her business model, a girlfriend, a girlfriend who now lives in the same town as her boyfriend that had been long distance for 5 years prior, a girlfriend of a boy who travels for a week for work every other week, a new employee, a personal chef  and health coach turned a Bridal Gown Consultant who is still a personal chef and health coach, a twenty-something who now lives alone after having a roommate(s) for 8 years, and last but certainly not least a Maine-r who knows no one in her new town.
As I’m sure you can see, these changes have weighed heavily on my heart and my mind. I’ve never had the chance to stop and realize how much I miss my friends because it has been go go go since I moved from Chicago to NYC. And now that I am new to a city where their way of life is much more simple, and I literally know no one, it feels as if I have been kicked out of warp speed in the middle of space to find myself alone and moving slowly as hell.
Business hasn’t picked up nearly as quickly as I had hoped, making friends isn’t nearly as easy up here as I had dreamt, and having Ethan away for work every other week is just a lot harder than I had anticipated. I am sort of feeling all over the place, and am currently working on getting back to me.. hence this blog post. So, please bare with me as I adjust to my new life and as I figure out what works for me. Don’t worry though, the blog will stay totally me, whether that’s just life updates or food/health posts.. I just need to get back into my groove!
I’ll leave you with this for now..
Picture 11
Savor every last bit of summer!!
September is here, and so am I!

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