Good Morning Gourmies!

I hope you are all off to a wonderful start this AM. So far it is a glorious day here in Chicago, and I hope it is where ever you are reading from, too! I know you haven’t seen me up and about this early for a very long time, but unfortunately whenever I have a lot on my mind I don’t get too much sleep. I’ve also noticed that almost every time I go to bed with even the slightest hunger lingering, I wake up with the sun and am ready to go, mind racing. I guess it’s just proof that my love for food is innate and I just simply cannot help it!

But I do have a lot on my mind with my approaching graduation: moving, expenses, moving-expenses, the amount of stuff I need to transport, how I will transport, the uncertain 6-month road ahead, family coming into town to celebrate graduation this weekend, errands, planing a trip to see my family in Georgia, the details of my new apartment, and it goes on. All of these things, however, are exciting and symbolize the amazing change that’s occurring in my life right now. They are all catalysts for committing to the big change that I am making. Am I killing you by withholding further information? I am so sorry! I am waiting on one final letter of confirmation before I want to share, but it’s coming! 🙂

With all of this craziness going on in my life and in my head, I wanted to bring a little simplicity to my meal. I had this perfectly ripe avocado sitting around begging to be used in a way that would play up its deliciousness, not hide it. Now, I love avocado.. and it may very well be my favorite “fruit”, healthy fat, FOOD. But I do tend to chop it up and put it in guacamole where I add a million other flavors, or add it to a salad with dressing and other ingredients. Rarely do I make a dish solely focused around the pure and simple avocado (well, minus my obsession with the simple avocado roll that I order every.single.time, but again I marry the roll with my love for wasabi and it no longer becomes the sole focus!) So anyway, I was really looking for a way to make a simple, delicious, savory breakfast out of this superfood and other items in my pantry, and this is what evolved..

I stole a couple of pieces off of my roommates sourdough loaf (sorry, Kate!), popped them in the toaster, sliced my avo, fanned them on the warm, crusty bread, drizzled the tiniest amount of extra virgin olive oil over top (just use a small amount, those are two very healthy fats but you don’t want to use your serving for the day just yet!), and hit them with a little salt and (a lot of) pepper. 

This was seriously the most satisfying and delicious meal I have had in a long time. All with what, 4 ingredients total? Yep. It’s true, it doesn’t get more simplistic than that. The best part about it though? You are going to stay full for a very long time. Healthy fats are the best contributor to feeling satiated AND to burning off access body fat. So, I don’t know why people are so scared of healthy fat, aren’t those two benefits exactly what people are looking for?


How do you prefer to eat avocado?

In what ways do you incorporate healthy fats into your diet?

What’s your favorite stress releasing food?


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