Snow Shoeing

Hello All!
I wanted to write a quick post today because I wanted to keep in touch! I haven’t had my camera around to take pictures of some of my creations and I am feeling very guilty about it, so I wanted to just share a few things about my work outs.
As some of you may know the northeast got hit with an unbelievable amount of snow last week (25 inches=2 feet!).

The first day after the snow subsided my mom sister and I went snow shoeing in the freshly fallen snow. Let me tell you, that was one heck of a work out! We did about 2 hours of trekking and it was absolutely beautiful.
Unfortunately, the last two days have been SO WARM (warm here=30 degrees +). It had reached the 40s yesterday and it has reached 50s today! What that really means is that the snow is melting… oh no! So the ski slopes and hiking trails are getting very bare very quickly…boo.

The good news is that it is beautiful out and it is absolutely glorious weather for exercising. Bad news, snow sports are not too great right now.
My mom and I were going to go snow shoeing again today, but instead it looks like well just have to put our hiking boots on and walk the trail instead.
The good thing about this is that one of my new years resolutions was to switch up my work out routines in such a way that gives me the chance to enjoy the outdoors and the workouts more. So, although snow shoeing seems out of the question right now I get to switch up my plans for a good ole hike instead… perfectly in line with my hopes of constantly switching my work outs up!
No matter where you are I hope you are enjoying the weather today and taking advantage of the great outdoors!

Snow Shoeing

2 thoughts on “Snow Shoeing

  1. cyclicalunemployment says:

    hiking and snow shoeing are both major workouts! it's great that you love the outdoors. I don't think I'm physically equipped to face the cold like that!!!

  2. Katherine says:

    Wish I was there…While you were doing your workout, I could read books on the couch by the fire!!! (and eat reeses and some of that brownie deliciousness!!)

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