So Busy

Hi Gourmetour Readers (or at least, whatever’s left of you!)-

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, and hopefully getting a chance to get outside while we have some relief from the heat. I’m writing this post before I head out to meet my sister in Central Park to do some work and reading!

I am so sorry that I continue to go missing in action, I’m a terrible blogger! Life has just been so unbelievably busy this past year, and has done nothing but continue to pick up throughout this summer. My first week of culinary school started last Monday, and I can’t believe tomorrow is already that start of week two! Currently, I am juggling so many different things– all of which I love and am so passionate about- that it has been a welcomed increase in activity in my life. To say that attending culinary school full time Monday through Friday, continuing my studies at IIN during the evenings and weekends, and working as a bakers assistant part time in between it all has proven to be a test of my time management skills is a drastic understatement. But honestly, this challenge has proven to be so good for me and I am excited for what I have chosen to pursue every single day.

Some of the posts that you have to look forward to in the next few days include my trip home and to Ethan’s for the 4th, my trip to Atlanta to visit family and my God daughter, and I promise to take the blog back to food! I’m hoping to start incorporating more health theories and discussions, so let me know if that’s something you would like to see more of. I also plan to continue writing few more personal posts in order to track and share my progress through school and the upcoming months.



So Busy

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