The Art of an Egg

Happy Friday!!!!

NGI honors Jewish holidays, and seeing that Monday is Rosh Hashanah, we have another long weekend at school so today is welcomed with open arms. And let’s be honest, Fridays are half days as well therefore you just can’t go wrong today.

I wasn’t sure if I would post today and I tried to wrap up the week in yesterdays post, but here I am at 7:30 typing away. So, here’s a little bit of what’s going on today, and what went on yesterday.

As you know, this week has been filled with all sorts of animal protein and Tuesday was our Fin Fish day. We had a huge salmon that we were able to fillet into different sizes to use in all sorts of cooking methods. However, there was one that we had to be a bit more patient on, and have been eagerly awaiting today in order to get a taste of…gravadlax! (aka lox). Our instructor was probably the most excited out of all of us, and made sure we organized a breakfast party of bagels, cream cheese, tomatoes, and capers to eat alongside our yummy gravadlax. I’m in charge of the cream cheese, so let’s hope I don’t forget it as I run out the door after I post this!

I had early morning stewarding hours yesterday, which basically are outside duties (hours) that everyone must complete in order to graduate, and was up at 5:45, and in the Kitchen prepping by 7:30. Needless to say, it quickly became a long day and despite eating a yummy filling breakfast I was ravenous by 9:45. Our lecture was all about the incredible, edible, egg yesterday, and I think I had about 6 eggs throughout the day, and really don’t need to see food again for weeks at this point. We prepared eggs every style: scrambled, basted (over easy), sunny side up, frittatas, America Omelets, French Omelets, and poached. It sounds like a no brainer but, one or two bites of everything really adds up and by lunch I was ready for a coma nap.

One thing that I need to work on? My poaching skills. Everything else I have or almost have down! (The below pictures again aren’t mine!! I need a new phone!)

Happy Friday!


The Art of an Egg

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