The End of It All- Rome, Italy

Welcome back Gourmies,
So, I don’t know how of you are feeling about this Monday, but I know I’m already not into it.
Today’s post is the last post in my Europe recap, and I know you are all really sad to see it end… I’m just ready to get back to my normal postings!!
First off, today I am featured on The Kats Meow while Katherine is off living a royal life across the pond. Katherine and I are old friends, so if you aren’t already familiar with her blog, go check it out!! My guest post is about trips for traveling and eating abroad, so what better time than my final Europe recap post, could she have picked to post it! 
Our last leg of the trip was a couple of days in Rome. I didn’t get many pictures because we were running around trying to see everything in less than 48 hours, but if I come across more pictures I will certainly update you as well!
Because Katie and I had been to Rome before we both had a couple of [food] destinations that both of us wanted to revisit. Her: gelato. Me: pizza. 
The rest of the time we spent trying to show Kate all of the magnificent things that Rome has to offer.
Although we all loved Rome, it is definitely saturated with tourists, and well you all know that we don’t love that

Well, that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed my Europe recap, and if you ever have any questions about it please please ask! I would love to answer them or elaborate more on any of my postings!

Don’t forget to check out Katherine’s blog for my guest post today!!!!


What was your favorite part of my Europe Recap?
As it pertains to my guest post, do you have any tips while eating abroad?

The End of It All- Rome, Italy

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