The Fitness Dish Presents: Cucumber Green Iced Tea

(Psst. Hi!!! Today’s post is from the beautiful new mom, Laury. I’ve been reading The Fitness Dish ever since I started my blog. Laury speaks with honesty and knowledge. Her passion is not only health and fitness, but to share her experiences with her readers. Hop on over there, and see what I’m talking about!)

Hello There, Gourmetour Readers!
My name is Laury and I write a blog called The Fitness Dish. Jennifer asked me to come over here to do a guest post, and right away I knew what I wanted to share! I’ve been doing a weekly feature on my blog called Thirsty Thursday for over a year now. Last week I featured a Cucumber Green Tea Smoothie….and had a delicious, easy spin-off for those of you that didn’t feel like whipping out the blender. This drink is full of vitamins & anti-oxidants and it will keep you as cool as a cucumber on a really hot summer day! 
Cucumber Green Iced Tea
8 Cups of Water, Boiled
10 Green Tea Bags
1 Small-Medium  Cucumber, sliced
1/2 Lemon, Juiced
Taste to Sweeten with Stevia or Natural Sweetener of Choice
Boil water in a saucepan and steep tea bags for 10-15 minutes (I place a lid on the pot while it steeps). Fill an Iced Tea Pitcher with Ice. Pour tea in pitcher (toss tea bags), then place cucumbers, lemon juice and sweetener in the pitcher, (or you can leave it unsweetened and each individual can sweeten it to their liking which is what I do). Let in sit in  your fridge for a little so the flavor of the cucumbers come out.
Have a great Day!
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The Fitness Dish Presents: Cucumber Green Iced Tea

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