The Leftover’s Makeover

Hello There!
I don’t know about you, but I am not much of a leftover’s eater. I just can never seem to do it. As soon as I’ve had a meal once, I want to venture onto new things (well… at least for a little while. This never applies to snacks by the way). Only rarely do I really want the meal again soon enough that the leftover’s are still edible, and this is usually a sandwich or junk food. 
With my upcoming trips to Las Vegas and Europe, in one and two weeks respectively, I need to cut back on general spending and the amount of food in my fridge. 
So, that leaves me the leftovers. 
Good thing I really liked my Eggplant and Onion Ratatouille, because that made up Wednesday night’s meal too. 
One trick I must share with you to give your leftovers a little va va voom is to actually change up the dish. Don’t serve it the exact same way twice. Change it up a bit! 
Instead of serving my leftovers on spaghetti, I used some already cooked quinoa and salad greens as the base. 
The quinoa gave the starch/carb that would absorb the sauce, and the salad greens added a fresh texture. 
Healthy, quick, delicious, and different.
Trust me, take these tricks with you. You can show a man to fish or you can teach him. I’m only looking out for you guys here.

The Leftover’s Makeover

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