The Salem Brewery- Salem, MA

Hi there folks,
Today’s post is a little something from back home in the Boston Area. Ethan and I love spending time at the Salem Brewery (Beer Works, or Boston Beer Works, they’re all the same!) for a number of reasons. A few being that the food is yummy, the service is friendly, the atmosphere is modern and clean, the TV’s are always tuned into some sports game, oh and did I mention the beer?! 
As you can see the list is extensive. But I think that my number one reason I love the Salem Brewery is their Blueberry Ale.. followed by the fried pickles! The carbonation keeps the blueberries floating around, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds – a blueberry in almost every sip, and a bottom full of blueberries once you’re done, perfect for scooping out with a spoon. 
Although I tend to default to the Blueberry Ale (I’ve nick-named it The Blueb) Ethan and I love to try new beers and develop our palates. 

What’s your favorite place to grab a beer and catch a game?
The Salem Brewery- Salem, MA

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