Time to Step Up

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If you know anything about me, it’s that I tend to be more skeptical than not about things that I believe could have a political agenda. To save face and not get into the nitty gritty of it, what I mean is that I typically only get passionate about one thing that is politically charged: food ecology for both our species and our planet. As I have allowed myself to become more educated on the topic, my sense of awareness for how consumer-centric our planet is, more so than when I studied marketing, has grown far beyond any boundaries I would have ever anticipated. For example, ever since I was a child I’ve always recycled when permitted, but was never proactive about finding a way to recycle when it was not an option. Or, I have never previously considered my use of plastic storage bags and brand new trash bags as anything but normal household goods, meant to be used frequently. At the grocery store I would (prior to about a year ago) put all of my fresh produce into it’s own separate plastic tear-away bag provided by the truckloads by the grocery store. In college, I would buy water bottles periodically, reuse them for about a week, buy a new one and so on and so forth.

In an attempt to eradicate my misuse of plastic, I have been making changes to all of the above. I rarely use plastic bags at the grocery store, and am in the market for reusable produce bags, and I almost always use The Gourmetour shopping bags at check out (way easier to commute with by the way, less stress on your body!). I buy bulk whenever possible (this is good on your wallet too!), and am in the market for cloth tie bulk bags good for small items like rice and quinoa. I use my own Sigg water bottle, and have begun investing in glass storage containers for cooked food and bulk goods at home and at client’s homes (good for avoiding BPA too!). I am trying to start reusing plastic trash bags, or at least start using plastic shopping bags that do find their way into our home before buying more trash bags. Also, I am starting to accumulate reusable snack bags that velcro closed and can be washed very easily (thank you Whitney for my first one!). Oh, and I am considering composting! Someone on my street already does – I see their compost in the garden boxes around the trees! We used to compost at culinary school, and I totally see the value in it especially for someone who is gardening!

Although I have been voluntarily making these changes over the past month or so, seeing the video below this morning has really inspired me to share my changes with you. I completely understand how someone who is really busy or unaware of how available plastic alternatives are could ignore the trend that is upon us. But, I think that when we see reducing our plastic use as more than just a trend, we make ourself more available to changing our habits.

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Time to Step Up

2 thoughts on “Time to Step Up

  1. Marcy Dow says:

    Thank you for helping me be aware of this situation. I am guilty because I don’t like the mess that reusing things makes. My heart is deeply moved by this. I am going to change my ways.

    1. admin says:

      Marcy, thanks for your comment! I agree, it does seem troublesome and messy to clean and reuse plastic and such. I think that as we make more of an effort, and are doing it for something important, we will find that it becomes routine and no longer a burden! That video is sobering, and like you I am willing and able to change my ways!
      Thanks for reading!

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