Hi All!

Today has flown by. I can’t help but feel both productive and not, all at the same time. I’ve been steadily working all day, but on tedious tasks that take up time. I’ve gotten all of two projects done today.

First, I spent pretty much the entire day transcribing hand written recipes into legitimate, typed recipes. I also typed up some of my favorite recipes from various cookbooks and sources into word documents. This way I can easily print and bring to my client’s kitchens where I am free to messy them up!

After I felt satisfied with the amount of recipes I wrote up on my computer, I moved onto a little social media work. Per my new years resolutions, I promised myself that I would work on my social media presence. I have to say I am proud of myself, if you follow me on twitter you can see, I have been tweeting very frequently. As for Facebook, probably second best. I try to advertise my blog postings, and repost my tweets on my status on The Gourmetour’s Facebook page. It happens pretty regularly, and I am happy with the momentum. It will definitely progress as I create a social media synergy for myself.

However, one area of social media which I have neglected for my business, but am personally addicted to, is Pinterest. I mean, I am literally on Pinterest whenever I have some time to relax and spend a few hours minutes inspiring creativity. Now, because I spend so much time on there I know that my target market does too. They spend time pinning exercise regimes, healthy living and eating tips, and delicious looking recipes.

So, why am I not posting food pictures and health tips on behalf of The Quaint Kitchen and The Gourmetour? I have no idea. But, I am starting now. As you can see from my above picture.

Anyway, I am starving so I am off to reheat a bowl of chili from a pot that I made on Sunday. It is so so good, I’ll be sure to post a recipe soon!!


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