True Nature’s Vegan Tuna-less Salad Product Review

Sooooo. I have another love to introduce to you guys. I know I say this a lot. But, you should be thankful. I’m sharing products that I genuinely love and want you to be exposed to! 
True Nature’s Vegan Tuna-less Salad is BETTER than tuna salad. I swear. I picked a small container of this stuff up the other day after I swung by Dominick’s (hehehe click the link) for my usual groceries, not knowing what to expect. It was vegan and contained few ingredients, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Boy, I’m sure glad I did. I practically dreamed about this stuff okay, like fantasized over it. I would sneak a spoon right after breakfast, enjoy it for lunch, and spoon another quick bite before dinner. 
The flavors seriously surpassed any tuna salad I’ve ever had. They contained all of the typical fixings that go into a mayonnaise-based salad, but I think the extra additions necessary to make this one vegan really stepped it up a notch. I don’t know, I just think it was better than regular ole’ tuna-fish. 
The textures were spot on; crunchy red onion & celery with creamy vegenaise & pureed chick peas. It literally did an incredible job imitating tuna in tuna salad. I’m like craving it now. crap
There’s one catch here. All you of you non-Chicago readers may have a harder time tracking this puppy down. 
See look, that’s all it takes: Chickpeas, onions, celery, parsley, Vegenaise (yes, they spelt it wrong, not I), mustard, kelp powder, salt and pepper. Healthy and delicious. My two favorite adjectives. 
Now back to what I was saying earlier, about the non-Chicagoans that can’t access this deli-style vegan beauty. This salad takes 9 ingredients, and quite frankly salt and pepper don’t count. So lets make it 7. 
7 ingredients is all it takes for you to reach taste-bud nirvana. 

So, here’s one of my favorite ways that I prepared this salad: on a whole wheat tortilla with raw (yes raw, it has to be raw!) kale, and sliced yellow peppers. This way really marries the texture and flavor combinations that are the most appealing to our senses, I promise!!

Doesn’t that look good!?


What’s your favorite way to enjoy a non-lettuce based salad?
Have you ever had a vegan recreation of a particular food before?

True Nature’s Vegan Tuna-less Salad Product Review

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