TWEET is NOT for Twitter

Hi Gourmies!
I’m going to tackle all of the weekend festivities by backing into it. Sunday funday first!
Avery slept over on Saturday night (okay, yeah it was technically Sunday morning but who’s counting when its your birthday, right?) and per our usual sleep-over routine, once someone is up they creep into the others room and crawl into bed for a morning cuddle sesh (no spooning in case you were concerned). We slowly woke, and whipped out our computers to do some brunch place google searching. We wanted to try someplace new, and as you loyal readers probably know by now.. we LOVE brunch. So we have left few breakfast spot stones unturned. 
Well a while back Avery’s co-workers were appalled at her for not ever going to Tweet. I kid you not none of us had ever heard of it, and it is a 5 minute straight shot from our apartments… on the same road and everything. To our credit, the mode of public transportation always diverts us off of our road before we would have hit Tweet. But for being so up-to-date with all the great restaurant, I must give us a tap on the hands for not catching this gem earlier. 
We got there around 11:30am and signed ourselves up for an hour wait. I know… an HOUR. We were starving don’t get me wrong, but they have a back outdoor patio specifically for people waiting, no diners! What a perfect idea to get your customers to wait. Did I mention, they have a full bar room just for waiting? No, I didn’t but I am now because we did what any normal starving human being waiting an hour for brunch on a Sunday on an outside patio would do… we ordered mimosas. A bottle (of champagne) to be exact. 
By the time we got seated, we hadn’t even realized an hour had gone by. But apparently our stomachs did because there were zero photos snapped of our food by the time we received it… sorry guys!! All you really need to know is that it was divine! 
The wait time between ordering and eating was a little long, but I’m not going to write them off yet. 
Did I mention they have plenty of vegan options on the menu? You know I love that ish. 

TWEET is NOT for Twitter

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