Two-Step Healthful Authentic Dinner

Happy work week Gourmies!
Today’s post is a mix between recipe and product review. The product review is Tasty Bite heat and serve stews, and the recipe is exactly how I enjoy it! 
If you are unfamiliar with Tasty Bite, they are amazing. They produce amazingly delicious authentic Indian dishes that come prepared in a microwavable pouch. They have been coming out with some amazing meals and have grown their selection to appease anyone’s taste preferences. Everything is vegetarian and about half of them are vegan. There are literally never more than about 5 ingredients on the list, and contain absolutely no preservatives or anything fake. I’ve even seen two separate kinds at Costco! 
Many are in stew form so they act as a healthy hearty meal in the blink of an eye. You tear a slit in the pouch and heat for 90 seconds, or until hot. I’m sure many of you are wondering the calorie content, and I try not to pay attention to that BUT one packet serves two for around/under 250 calories a serving. 
They can be found on sale online, at World Market (the cheapest I’ve seen in store), or Whole Foods (they have the largest selection I’ve seen). One packet is roughly $3.50 depending on where you buy them. 
I typically buy the vegan ones, but before I turned vegan I loved all of them! 

I like to eat them over quinoa or rice of choice, over sweet baked potatoes, or over crispy polenta (yum!).  It is so satisfying you will feel full and happy even under a time crunch. 

Seriously Gourmies, next time you see Tasty Bite  please just pick even one up and give it a shot. I promise you will not be disappointed!
Have you ever had Tasty Bite’s entrees?
Do you enjoy Indian and authentic cuisines?
What’s your favorite go-to healthy “fast-food” at home?
Two-Step Healthful Authentic Dinner

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