Vegan Bake Not-So-Baked

Happy Saturday Gourmies!!
I am back in business here. I promise not to neglect you like I did the past two weeks ever again.
I told you a while back that I would share with you the vegetable bake I was making when I discovered my oven was out. The recipe was adapted from my Easy Vegan cookbook. I love that book, all of the recipes are really beautiful, tasty, and have a picture with each recipe (my only requisite for cookbooks).

Well… my oven didn’t get fixed in time to finish the dish so I never got to see the finished product. 
I’m going to share it with you however, because I thought that the colors were so pretty and the ingredients are really not limiting– you can swap this for that, here and there. 
So here’s the process and hopefully you have more success with it than I did. 
Heat your oven to 350 degrees. Make sure the oven is working… before you prepare ANYTHING.
Drain and rinse one can of Garbanzo Beans.

Here I used grape tomatoes that were on the verge of going bad. You can add whatever tomato you want here, or omit this step if you’d like.

I desperately needed to use these sweet potatoes.

Chives, sliced.

Add what you have chopped so far to a deep baking pan.

Give a rough thick chop to a yellow onion. Add.

Portobello Cap. Wipe clean. Rough chop. Add.

One whole Garlic bulb. Break apart. Add whole cloves, unpeeled.

Salt & Pepper. Add Olive Oil until everything is well coated. Probably 1/4+ of a cup?

Stir to make sure everything is well coated.

Here’s where I found out that my “preheated” oven was ice cold. It might as well have been my freezer. 
Cook for 40 minutes. Rotating at the 20min mark. Add the garbanzo beans for the last 10 minutes. 
SO, really quickly. You have to hear the story about how the oven got fixed.
It took about a week to contact and get my landlord over here to take a look at it. Throughout that week we had been checking the oven periodically to try and gage what exactly was wrong with it. I promise it was still broken during those checks. 
Well, my landlord gets here. Barely touches it. Literally tried to take the burners off and failed at doing so. Turns on the oven. It works. Broiler and all. Burning beautifully. What?!
After apologizing about a million times, and claiming that it was most DEFINITELY broken before. He was just happy that it was working without needing repair. I was happy it was working too, don’t get me wrong. I guess you could call it a bittersweet feeling. Hmph. 
Has this ever happened to you? Just leave something alone that is clearly broken and it just fixes itself? 
My blackberry does that a lot… but this was the first time I’ve heard of an oven doing this. 
Vegan Bake Not-So-Baked

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