Veggie Frittata

Happy Sunday!
This morning I made my mom and myself a healthy breakfast for our snowshoeing travels. I always love having a vegetable frittata when I know I need a meal with substance and without the heavy full feeling.

This recipe is so yummy, easy, impressive, healthy, and gratifying! With all of these qualities how can you NOT want to try this??

What you need:
Any and all types of vegetables (fresh, steamed, leftovers, honestly whatever you want)
3 Eggs, 1 full+2 whites (that is a good portion for one, add another full egg if serving two. Do note that egg whites are practically nothing and you can add as many as you’d like)
Feta Cheese (a light palm full, about 1/4 cup, or however much you prefer)
Salt and Pepper to taste

In my frittata this morning I used everything I had in my fridge. I used yellow onion, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, mushroom, and spinach.
Depending on how your veggies are you may need to cook them for longer or shorter.
Heat your oven to 350. You can use non-stick spray, oil or butter, I used spray.
Lightly coat a saute pan heated to medium heat with an oven proof handle.
My veggies were raw so I cooked them until they were to the doneness I prefer, but about 5 minutes.
I also like to season both my eggs and my veggies so salt and pepper your veggies.
In a separate bowl mix your eggs.
Add salt and pepper to your eggs.
Once your vegetables have cooked pour in your eggs.
Scrap the bottom of the pan as you would for scrambled eggs. Give everything a good shake.
Turn off the stove. Add the feta to the top of your frittata.
Here I reserved 6 halves of my cherry tomatoes to decorate the top along with the feta. Note depending on your veggie to egg ratio you may be able to make it like decoration, but in my case I had so many vegetables that it didn’t end up adding much of a decoration, it just blended in!
Put the pan in the oven and bake until firm to the touch, about 8-10 minutes. Once your frittata has set remove from the oven and take a knife around the edges to release the frittata. If you decorated your top you can just slide it onto your plate. If you did not decorate the eggs, a typical frittata is meant to be flipped onto a plate. So put a plate face down onto the top of the pan and flip the frittata onto the plate.
Cut into 4 or 6 slices, serve immediately and enjoy!

Here are some pictures of my mom and my snow shoe trip!

Here we go…

Uhoh… how many?!

Who woulda known
Veggie Frittata

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