Whiskey Sours

Happy Holiday’s Gourmies!
What kind of holiday would it be without some sort of traditional cocktail. Eggnog and mulled cider probably comes to mind when you think of holiday spirits, but I want to propose a drink that should be a holiday classic. Whiskey Sours. If you’ve never had a whiskey sour it can be described as a smokey margarita. It isn’t made with triple sec but it has the citrus flavor. Honestly, this is one of my favorite cocktails. I recommend this for any holiday party because the flavor is largely a crowd pleaser, and the whiskey adds a warming holiday flair. 

What you need:

Whiskey (1oz per person)
Limes (1 per person)
Lemons (1/2 per person)
1 Cup sugar
1 Cup water
Crushed ice (if you don’t have crushed cubed it fine, I only had cubed so that’s what I used in the pictures)
Garnish of your choice–but, a maraschino cherry and a mint leaf would be perfect for those holiday parties! Or a sprig of red currants!

What you need to do:

In a sauce pan, bring the sugar and water to a simmer and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved. The water will become clear with a vague yellow tint, about 5 minutes of simmering. Take it off the heat and let the simple syrup cool completely.
While the simple syrup is cooling, squeeze your fresh citrus into a bowl. Add the simple syrup. If it has not completely cooled, place the mixture in the freezer for expedited cooling, otherwise throw it in the fridge if you have time to kill.
Fill a cocktail shaker 3/4 of the way with ice, add 4oz (4 servings) of whiskey and fill the remaining space with the citrus. Shake until the shaker becomes frosty. Add crushed ice into fun tumblers or funky champagne glasses. Add your cocktail and garnish. Serve immediately.

What’s your favorite holiday cocktail?
Have you ever had a whiskey sour?
Whiskey Sours

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