White & Dark Chocolate Bark

I know, I know. I did it again. I forgot to post yesterday. The end of our Vegas trip made it harder and harder to post. We spent a lot of time at the pool, and I rarely got my computer out. I always try to make a point of keeping the use of technology to a minimum while on vacation. So, I’m sorry!! 

Today’s post is a recap of a recipe that is famous among my friends, and that was made the first night we got to the strip. We did a lot of our own cooking to keep costs down, and well we had a full service kitchen (equipped with a blender.. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a blender in a hotel before but I know I haven’t; oh the wonders of Vegas!) so why not take advantage.
This dessert (or breakfast if your name is Kate A.) is easy peasy and a perfect marriage of sweet & salty and crunchy & chewy. All of the ingredients come from Trader Joe’s, and while I don’t know of many people that are not TJ’s fans if that person happens to be you, the ingredients are available for purchase at many other grocers. 
What you need: 
1 cookie sheet
Parchment paper
1 Bag shelled dry roasted salted pistachio
1 Bag dried pomegranate + dried cranberry (or half a bag of each if you can’t find a blend)
12oz bag white chocolate chips
12oz bag dark chocolate chips


What you need to do:
Melt the dark chocolate according to the package instructions.
Pour onto parchment lined cookie sheet and spread evenly.
Let set in the freezer for 20 minutes or until it’s fully frozen.
Melt the white chocolate according to the package instructions.
Pour over dark chocolate following the same method.
Immediately cover the white chocolate with the pistachios and dried fruit.
Pressed down on the toppings lightly to ensure that the chocolate sets with the fruits and nut.
Cover sheet with a thin layer of fine salt.
Place in the freezer for another 20 minutes or until it has set completely.
Remove the sheet from the freezer and hand break into bark-sized fragments.

Have you ever made a chocolate bark before?
What’s your favorite “home-made” style candy? Brittle, Bark, Taffy, None?
White & Dark Chocolate Bark

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