Whole Foods Wine Bar

Good Afternoon Gourmetours!

I finally got around to uploading my pictures to my computer, so I have plenty to share with you this week!
I want to start by sharing a few photos from when Ethan visited Chicago a couple of weeks back.
He came for a very long weekend (Wednesday to Sunday) so we have a chance to do alot of fun things… involving food mostly.
In the midst of all of our eating we took a break and got to see a great little concert. We saw Matthew Santos perform at this little bar called Schubas. This bar is a normal bar in the front, but has a secret back room with an amazing stage. The setting was big enough that you didn’t feel too crowded, even with a seemingly full house, and small enough that you still felt like it was an intimate show.
Matthew Santos put on an amazing show I cannot say enough about his performance. If you feel like exploring him on YouTube or buying his stuff on iTunes, I recommend “Love Sick Fool” or “O’Montreal”.
On Thursday Ethan and I visited the Whole Foods in Lincoln Park (off of North Street, I think it’s on Weed Street). I plan on doing this store in my Grocery Store Series soon! We went to the wine bar and got a couple of wine flights and shared a cheese plate.


We may have been sitting in the middle of the dairy section in the middle of Chicago, but our taste buds were traveling the world. The session was good, but more importantly was that we had a lot of fun.  The people watching at this grocery store is top notch, enjoying a glass of wine while doing it, well that takes the cake. Maybe I should talk about that in the G.S. Series? “People watching accessibility” could be the category title.
I am not doing a review on the wine bar at the Whole Foods so I wont get into detail, but I had a lot of fun and would recommend trying it out!
Enjoy the rest of your day! I hope you are doing something fun!
Do you have a wine bar at your local Whole Foods?
Where is your favorite place to people watch? Do you have any good stories of things you have witnessed while people watching? 
Whole Foods Wine Bar

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