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Happy Tuesday!

I just spent way too long figuring out the internet in our new apartment. The cable guy came promptly at 8:11am, a mere 11 minutes after the start of the estimated window. Love when that happens… Anyway to make a long story short after he installed the wires and such, I walked the 10 blocks to pick up the wifi router. The one that they said I wouldn’t be charged an installation fee for if I physically picked it up at a Time Warner payment center. Well of course that wasn’t actually true, but I bonded with the guy at the counter and he saved me a whopping $55 bucks! I got back and tried to figure the out how to set it up, and honestly it’s not as simple as it was with Comcast. AKA: plug it in, pick the network that magically appears, and type a password. I’m typically one to read the directions once (or skim them once) and then just freestyle it. After 20 minutes of trying I gave in and called the help line. The guy walked me through and we figured it out, but now it’s 11:00am and I am just starting my day. Oh and if you’re wondering what we did for internet this past month.. well, we’re those people- the ones who steal an open network from our neighbors. I mean it’s not entirely our fault.. we live in NYC, they should know better than to leave wifi free to all.. right? And if you’re wondering why, then, did we even decide to pay for our own internet? Well, because we are too cheap for cable and love to stream shows. Thus, slowing the stolen internet to the point of annoyance. Ha. Anyway….

So, as promised today’s post is just a picture montage of my trip to Wine Country with Katie and our mothers. We had the best long weekend there and it went way too fast. As you will probably be able to tell from the pictures, we hit up a few different wineries per day. Per our typically selves we ended up wanting “bubbles” each day, so our trip really became the Sonoma/Napa Champagne (excuse me)¬†sparkling wine tour.

We certainly learned a lot, and are all practically sommeliers. Naht. But I did really distinguish a taste for different wines and started to notice the difference between “good wines” and.. well… Franzia (believe it or not I made it through my entire college career without a sip of Franzia or any other boxed wine, we preferred the “big burtha” bottles as we like to call them). I even enjoyed a Chardonnay so much that I bought my very first half case from a vineyard!

I bought the 1/2 case from Rombauer Vineyard, and was won over by the Chardonnay because of it’s ability to stand up to reds with its bold and well rounded taste. I’m typically not a white wine girl because I find most to be too sweet or fruity, and am typically only drinking whites in the dead of summer. This Chardonnay, however, was a red drinkers dream white. Although the price falls slightly above a mid-range bottle, although affordable, I highly suggest it for someone who typically prefers red, or for someone looking to serve white with a rich and heavy meal. And quite frankly I would recommend any wine from the Carneros region of Napa.

Fun fact, the Rombauer family is also famous because of a little not-very-well-known-kitchen-bible-cookbook called The Joy of Cooking. Hence the “Joy of Wine” tagline coined by the Vineyard. I promise though, that’s NOT why I bought the bottles. I swear! Just a coincidence, or I know good food and wine when I see it. I’d say it’s the latter.

So here it is, the real reason you come to look at my blog anyway.. the pictures. Which are in no particular order, by the way, the upload tool got them all scrambled and it’s too much of a nightmare to move them around on here. Sorry- Enjoy!

Lunch at Public Market

Judy and Mom on the patio at the Hilton Sonoma

Domaine Carneros
Vines at Cakebread
Patio at our hotel's restuarant (Hilton Sonoma)
Hess Tasting
Hess Winery
Domaine Carneros
Greystone at Culinary Institute of America
Greystone at Culinary Institute of America
Frank Family Vineyard
At Rombauer
Cakebread Tasting
Beringer Winery
Rombauer Vineyard Proprietor Flight
Tasting notes at Hess

Mustards Grill
Our last night in Sonoma


Have you ever been to Wine Country?

If so, what’s your favorite vineyard/winery to visit?

If not, what’s your favorite wine?

Wine Country

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