Working from Home

Happy Thursday All!

This morning has been spent working away in the comfort of my very own living room! So nice. I’ve been on the phone for what feels like hours, making endless work calls. As I briefly mentioned yesterday, I am joining the Integrative Health Center of Maine as their newest practitioner! It has been in the works for a bit now, but I wanted to wait until it was absolutely official before breaking the news on here. With this new opportunity, I’ve decided to clean out house a bit. For me, that means tying up lose ends, revisiting services offered, and most significantly REBRANDING! I’ve been on the phone with attorneys, insurance agents, web design companies, family, and even videographers all day working towards my goal. I’ll share all of the changes on here once branding has been done, and the new website is up and running. Until then, sit tight and keep checking back for updates!

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So, I didn’t share this yesterday but on Sunday I somehow managed to tear something in my right knee. My right knee has suffered a major ACL tear, and repair surgery, and has never been 100% since. Neither knees are in great shape, but I have to be more careful about the right one because of it’s history. Unfortunately, work was so crazy at the Bridal Salon this weekend that I must have been running around like a crazy lady, bending down every other minute, and paying zero attention to my helpless knee. The results: a painful swollen knee.


See that bump? yippes. Anyway, lots of rest, elevation, ice, and anti-inflammatories will do the trick. Don’t worry about me.. not falling apart, I swear.

Talk soon!

Working from Home

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