Zocalo Chicago

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Today’s post is not a restaurant review because unfortunately I don’t remember exactly everyone’s take on their respective dishes. I do remember, however, our general consensus was that Zocalo Chicago is goooood!

Today’s post is also a little help to get you through Wednesday! I am sorry I’ve been neglecting you, my semester is coming to an end and I have been feeling the pressure!  I PROMISE I will do something this weekend, who knows maybe even start The Supermarket Series!

Zocalo Marg.

Back to Zocalo. My friends and I love this place. The food we get is always good. The ceviche is divine. The guacamole sampler is unreal. They serve plantain chips along with tortilla chips. I mean it when I say, once you have these plantain chips, tortilla chips are just mundane. The margaritas are the best I’ve had at a restaurant, and I’ve had a lot of margaritas.
The atmosphere is really neat. It’s dark and large without being daunting. They broke the restaurant up into sections that make the large restaurant seem intimate. The bar is so cool. They have a “library” like bar with a rolling library latter that is as tall as the ceiling and can be rolled the entire length of the bar. They have bar height seating in the large front of the restaurant. The back has cozy booths and dark  wooden tables and chairs. They have a few side rooms with a handful of tables for intimate parties or seating.
The service at Zocalo Chicago is the best service I’ve received at a restaurant, to date. They are very attentive, true regardless of the size of your party or your check. At Kate and Avery’s birthday we had a large party and our waiter was waiting near the door of the section we were in the entire time. If he heard the sound of our water glasses emptying, he was there filling you up before you could register that you needed more. The time before when a couple of my girlfriends and I went, the wait staff was amazing too. One of the waiters slipped and sent a guacamole appetizer flying and it landed on our table and our clothing. Within seconds there were probably 3 waiters there with warm wet towels cleaning us up and sincerely apologizing. I have yet to be less than impressed.

Kate and Katie on Kate’s Birthday

If you go, order the margarita (any variety is good), the ceviche sampler and the guacamole sampler. Everything is really authentic and you wont feel like you have just had a greasy Mexican dinner. This is the gourmet Mexican a lot of people don’t really know about.

Guacamole Sampler
Ceviche Sampler

Last time I went was for Kate and Avery’s 21st birthday dinner. Kate and I split the fish tacos. I really enjoyed them, but we both agreed the cabbage topping was a little too much for the taco. The “spice” of the cabbage took away from the delicate fish. I would order them again though!! (maybe pick off some of the top but that’s a sign of a good place!)

Fish Tacos

Enchilada Verde

Chile Relleno

Shrimp Salad

Above are the dishes everyone spilt and from what I recall mostly really enjoyed. I think you could try this place out and find something you’ll love.
I highly recommend it. Green light go!

 What’s your favorite Mexican dish? Do you usually get it from the same restaurant or is it a sure fire thing no matter where you go? Or, do you make it at home?

Zocalo Chicago

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    These look great! I have been meaning to check out this spot. It may have to happen sooner rather than later by the looks of all those dishes. Thanks for sharing!

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